5 Free Marketing Tools to Make Your Website More Professional

Jun 30, 2021 | 0 comments

I use all these free marketing tools on a daily basis and it always surprises me when I mention them to other freelance copywriters or entrepreneurs and they’ve never heard of them! Some I found through my own Googling, others were recommended through colleagues.

Use these tools to make your site look more professional, enhance your SEO and increase overall engagement!

1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Stop agonizing over pressing the “Publish” button until your headline is just right. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer tool lets you compare headlines and tells you exactly why they’re hot or not. It will tell you if it’s too long, boring, common and even the emotion it conveys. Using CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer will teach you how to write better headlines over time.

Plus, testing your headline ideas is fun!

2. Neil Patels’s Ubersuggest SEO Tool

Ubersuggest is hands down the easiest SEO tool I’ve used. You can learn number of searches per keyword, organic competition rating, top wesbites to beat per keyword and more! The free search limits have been getting stricter on this site so you have to login with your Gmail, but you still get access to amazing keyword intel for free.

3. Unsplash Free Image Library

There’s no need to pay for Shutterstock or Getty images when you’re just starting out. All images on Unsplash are free for commercial use.

Unsplash has to be one of my favorite places on the internet. I find myself on the site for a specific image for a copywriting project and end up spending 15 minutes gaining inspiration from all the beautiful work on here.

4. Pexels Free Image Library

Pexels is pretty much the same deal as Unsplash, but the interface isn’t as clean. All images on Pexels are also free for commercial use and there’s a ton of overlap in the images on each site. When I am looking for a specific image, I check both databases.

5. Full Page Screen Capture

The Full Page Screen Capture extension for Google Chrome is seriously a lifesaver for creating your portfolio or if you need to turn a webpage into a jpeg or PDF. I tried SO MANY free tools that convert webpages into downloadable images before finding this tool and NONE we’re as efficient and easy to use.

I used this tool to capture copy I wrote on webpages for my portfolio. All I did was add the extension to Chrome. Visit the webpage and download it as a PDF using the tool. Then, I uploaded the PDF file to my Google Drive and set the view permissions to “anyone with this link can view” and linked to the PDF on my Portfolio.

*Bonus Tool* Trello

Trello is a free project management tool that you can use for personal project management or collaboration with a group. There’s a desktop and mobile app and both work great! I’ve used Trello to:

  • manage my personal content calendar and projects

  • collaborate with clients and submit work

  • collaborate and manage a network of freelance writers submitting pitches and final drafts, and asking questions

Basically, Trello is the shit!

Like Free Stuff?

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