About Swell Copy

Hey • Hi • HELLO!

I’m Tara Weber, a digital copywriter and content strategist that’s ready to help you get more sales, more clients and more engagement with goal-driven copy.

When it comes to running a website or online business, writing is a necessity. But not just any writing—writing that connects with your ideal clients and customers and gets them to do what you want them to (aka hire you or buy your products)!

That’s where this confusing term “copywriting” comes into play. It’s basically a fancy way to say “sales and persuasive writing mixed with psychology” and it’s my specialty.

How I Can Help You

Every business needs effective copy to succeed. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you harness the power of persuasive words so you can work less, earn more and live a life of freedom and abundance.

I work on a per project basis and my copywriting services cover everything from website copy and landing pages to ads, emails and more! 

If you’re just getting started out and can’t yet afford to hire a copywriter, I have something for you, too!

My affordable copywriting courses and templates were designed to teach you powerful copywriting tactics that get results with no prior experience!

“Do business with people who believe what you believe.”

– Simon Sinek 

More About Me

woman scuba diving with dark blue ocean backdrop

I have a Bachelors Degree in Marketing from Florida State University

I’m a certified yoga instructor

based in Florida

I’ve visited more than 25 countries — many solo!

Most of my travel pics are just me holding a cocktail in a new place

I love anything in the water, especially freediving and kiteboarding

woman in yellow sweater holding large stein glass

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