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Why Swell Copy?

So you can learn to write copy that leads to more sales, more subscribers and a deeper connection with your ideal customers!

Copywriting is one of those subjects shrouded in mystery. Most people don’t really know what it is and trying to learn it sends you into a black hole of googling term after term.

Not on Swell Copy.

Here, you learn tried and true copywriting tactics (in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you) and get plenty of examples so you’re never starting from scratch.

Because I know how frustrating it is approaching a blank page and not knowing how to write the first sentence. Or even worse, having a website full of words that don’t really mean anything to your customers and certainly don’t turn them into loyal ones.

Why Trust Me?

Because I learned how to write copy online, just like you’re going to. After years of writing professionally, something was missing for me. The work wasn’t challenging enough and the words didn’t really do much. So, I dove into research on different kinds of writing and voilà! I found copywriting.

I joined an online copywriting academy, took multiple online courses and read every copywriting book I could find. 

Then, I started marketing my copywriting services to everyone I knew. The pivot was challenging but my years of writing experience helped me pick up copywriting fast and before I knew it, I landed an amazing job at a crowdfunding agency as their first full-time copywriter. 

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A Little More About Me

I’m Tara Caguiat, a full-time copywriter based in Florida.

I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing and I’ve been writing my entire career. First it was click-bait ads and sales copy for SaaS brands. Then it was full-fledged editorial content on beach vacation destinations.

Plus, I’ve done a little bit of everything in between. I’ve blogged, I’ve freelanced and I’ve worked full-time for multiple startups. Now, I’m a full-time remote copywriter for an incredible crowdfunding agency.

I spend my work days researching and writing about thoughtful products that launch on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and working alongside a team that challenges and teaches me daily.

When I’m not working or creating insanely-useful content for you on Swell Copy, I’m probably hanging with family, planning my next trip or doing something in the ocean.

“If you’re looking for an experienced, collaborative partner to take you to the next level, Tara is the best candidate by far. I have worked with Tara on numerous projects now. She is superior to any other content expert or writer that I have partnered with and her skills go well beyond the written word. Tara is SEO forward, she takes initiative and manages her projects thoroughly. One thing is for certain: Tara will be a driving force behind any task she is faced with.”

Yasmin Parsloe, YogaPose.com

“I have worked with Tara for several years on projects ranging from editing white papers about mobile app software to writing blog posts about HR and lead prospecting technology to copyediting a self-published book on entrepreneurship. Tara is delightful to work with, committed to delivering great results, and very professional. Highly recommend!”

Ryan Buckley, Toofr LLC

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