5 Reasons Copywriting Is the Best Remote Job (and the Highest Paying)

5 Reasons Copywriting Is the Best Remote Job (and the Highest Paying)

Finding a work remote job that’s easy to break into and earns good money, can be extremely frustrating. Especially if you don’t know what to look for.

I struggled as a freelance writer on and off for years. Constantly reading blog posts on how to find clients and market myself, constantly struggling to stand out in a sea of “content writers”, “content strategists” and “bloggers”. My goal was to have enough consistent clients to make it my sole source of income and travel the globe. But I could never get it off the ground. It was just a side hustle that earned me an extra few hundred every month.

All that ended when I transitioned my career to copywriting.

In this post, I’m sharing 5 reasons why copywriting is the best remote job and how to get into it quickly and start earning money. That way, you can save yourself years of mediocre writing gigs and struggling to find clients.

The 5 reasons I’ll cover are:

  1. You Can Get Started Extremely Quickly With No Previous Experience
  2. It’s a Highly In-Demand Work Remote Job
  3. There’s Unlimited Earning Potential & You Control It
  4. It’s Extremely Flexible – Part Time, Full Time, Side Hustle & Stay-at-Home Moms
  5. You Can Do It From Anywhere – Not Just Your Home Office

Whether you want to travel the world as a digital nomad, earn money as a stay at home mom or just hustle and earn killer money online, copywriting is the ticket. Read on to learn why.

Really Quick, What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is writing with the goal of getting someone to take an action, like buying a product, subscribing or simply clicking “learn more”. There’s a lot of psychology behind it, because you’re constantly trying to figure out what makes someone buy or how to get into someone’s head.

Many people mix up copywriting with copyright. Copyright is the legal right to make copies of intellectual property, granted by the U.S. Copyright Office. It’s completely different from copywriting (and likely way less fun).

Copywriting is different from other forms of writing, like content writing, because of the goals and strategy behind it. Content writing, for example, is typically content written with the goal of entertaining, informing or inspiring. Copywriting is often worked into content writing like blogs and articles, but from the writer’s standpoint, it’s a completely different job.

full-time remote copywriter

My Experience as a Full-Time Remote Copywriter

While I was desperately trying to build my writing business in 2020, I came across the free copywriting training by Filthy Rich Writer. It taught me what copywriting is and how much more in demand it is than content writing and content marketing.

I couldn’t believe I had worked as a writer for years and never heard about copywriting and how much more money I could earn with it.

After spending a few weeks trying to learn the basics of copywriting, I ended up taking the online course by Filthy Rich Writer. It majorly sped up the process for me. In a matter of months I learned how to write effective copy, build a portfolio and get high-paying clients.

One of the tips the creator, Nicki Krawczyk, recommends in the course is to find freelance clients by reaching out to companies with job postings for full-time positions and offering to fill in until they find someone. I did just that and ended up getting a job offer at an amazing company that I’ve been working for remotely for almost 2 years!

Now, I’m earning more than I ever did freelance and working in-person jobs, AND I get to work from home or wherever I feel like. Sometimes I take last-minute trips to Mexico for diving and I don’t even have to take off. I just pack my laptop and book a room somewhere I can get my work done.

If my experience doesn’t convince you to break into copywriting, the reasons outlined below will.

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1. You Can Get Started Extremely Quickly With No Previous Experience

If you want to become a professional copywriter, all you need is an internet connection and drive to learn.

There are unlimited online resources for learning copywriting, plus copywriting books by the best copywriters of all time. The most important part of learning is learning from effective ads and actually practicing writing copy.

Here’s a high-level guide of how I got started:

  1. Learn the basics of copywriting, copywriting formulas, levels of awareness and how to write effective headlines.
  2. Analyze effective ads you see on the web or in magazines and try to understand why they work.
  3. Start practicing copywriting by working on fictitious assignments with made up or real brands as the client.
  4. Create spec ads and build a portfolio website.
  5. Start driving traffic to your site, reaching out to clients or applying for copywriting jobs.

Do you want to take the fastest route to becoming a high-earning copywriter? Without roaming the internet for info and trial and error efforts? This free copywriting training will give you tons of info on starting out as a new copywriter and how to get paying clients fast.

2. It’s a Highly In-Demand Work Remote Job

Of all the remote jobs that are in demand right now, copywriting is one that has lasting demand and no chance in sight of becoming oversaturated.

Why? Because every business needs effective copy! So every time a new business is created, the demand for copywriters grows.

And if you’re worried about the market becoming saturated with copywriters, this article perfectly explains why that’s definitely not going to happen.

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3. There’s Unlimited Earning Potential & You Control It

When it comes to remote jobs that pay well, it doesn’t get better than copywriting. You can earn anywhere from $60k, $80k to upwards of $120k writing effective copy that generates sales for your clients.

  • You can receive payments on a per project basis
  • Earn commission based on sales generated from your copy (major $$$ that way!)
  • Or you can take a full-time remote role and enjoy benefits on top of a high salary

If you want to earn more money as a contractor, just take on more projects or take on projects that command the highest rates. Or, consider packaging your knowledge into a digital product, like a course or ebook, that you can sell over and over again.

Copywriting is one of the few legitimate online jobs from home that you can build a life-long career out of and continually grow your skillset and expertise to earn more money.

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4. It’s Extremely Flexible – Part Time, Full Time, Side Hustle, Stay at Home Moms

Working as a remote copywriter is perfect as an online job for freelance writers and work from home for moms because you can work as much or as little as you want.

If you want to make your own schedule or just earn income on the side, work as a contractor and only take on projects when it’s convenient for you.

If you want a steady stream of income that you can rely on, take on a part time or full-time role at a company or agency.

best jobs for digital nomads

5. You Can Do It From Anywhere – Not Just Your Home Office

If you want to build a digital nomad career or just dip your toes into online work and learn how to be a digital nomad, copywriting is the way to go.

It’s one of the few ideal jobs for digital nomads because you work independently for huge blocks of time, especially if you’re working as a a freelance contractor.

You only need your laptop to get work done and on the rare occasions that you have to hop on calls, you can schedule them on your own terms.

That means you can spend your days in the surf or sightseeing and work a few hours each night. Or, wake up early and knock out a few hours of work then have the rest of the day to explore.

As long as you turn in effective work on time, you can work whenever you want!

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How to Start Earning as a Copywriter in as Little as 1 Month

You now know why copywriting is the absolute best work remote job, now let’s talk getting started.

If you’re ready to dive right in to building your own copywriting business and career without struggling to figure it all out on your own, I urge you to watch this completely free video training. It helps you understand what copywriting is, what it’s like working as a copywriter and the best path to get started.

At the end of the video, you get the opportunity to join the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Filthy Rich Writer. It’s the same online course that I used to land a remote copywriting position in 3 months. It’s also the same training used by this student that started earning $8500/month copywriting in only 3 months! Seriously, click here to check it out!

Filthy Rich Writer Reviews

Filthy Rich Writer Reviews

DISCLOSURE: Affiliate links in this post. I may get a commission if you make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Please read my Terms of Use Policy for more info. That being said—this Filthy Rich Writer review is 100% my own opinion, based on my personal experience with the copywriting course.

Working as an online writer can be so hard, and the absolute hardest part is turning it into an actual business that earns big money, month after month.

I’ve been there. I tried doing freelance writing on and off for 3 years. Every time I’d fail and end up going back to a full-time job or serving tables to make do. That is, until I finally learned the difference between copywriting and content writing and how to turn it into a business—which is why I’m sharing my opinion with you here!

My Review of the Filthy Rich Writer Course—The Best Way to Become a Copywriter

In this blog post, I’m sharing my honest review of the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy (CCA) by Filthy Rich Writer.

My review covers 5 reasons why Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the absolute best course for becoming a professional copywriter (even if you have ZERO experience). I’ll be covering:

  • How I Became a Full-Time Copywriter in 3 Months
  • It’s a Copywriting AND Business Building Course
  • You Can Earn Back the Cost of the Course Extremely Quickly
  • It’s Not a Scam & There’s Absolutely NO CATCH
  • Why You’ll Learn With CCA Even If You’ve Been Burned by Other Courses
  • If You Do the Work, It DEFINITELY Works
  • FAQs

So if you’re tired of low-paying writing gigs and struggling to find work, or googling copywriting strategies and not seeing the progress you want, you came to the right place!

copywriting course by filthy rich writer

How I Became a Full-Time, Remote Copywriter in 3 Months

Before I pivoted my career to copywriting, I was kind of just a “writer”. I considered myself a “content writer” like every other person with an internet connection and grasp of basic grammar and spelling. When it came to freelancing, I didn’t know how to differentiate myself or market my services. And pricing was…a guessing game.

I was ready to give up because writing wasn’t exciting or challenging me anymore, and I wasn’t earning the living I dreamed of. I saved up enough serving tables to quit and travel for 4 months. My plan was to find some inspiration and “figure out” my next career move while traveling.

Flights were booked and my itinerary was planned. The date I set to quit my job was just a month away.

Then…the pandemic hit.

My travel plans were squashed and the restaurant I worked at temporarily closed. Like most of the world, I was feeling seriously lost. I had my travel savings to pay my bills for a few months, but that wouldn’t last forever.

With all the spare time during lockdowns, I decided to try building my freelance business again. I obsessively searched the internet for business building tips and high paying writing jobs. And THAT’S when the internet gods smiled down on me and I saw an ad for Filthy Rich Writer!

Her free writer training video had me seriously intrigued about copywriting, but the interview about how her student earned $8,500/month in just three months is what had me sold!

However, I didn’t pull the trigger on buying the course right away.

After weeks of deliberating if this copywriting course was a good fit for me, I decided to just go for it. And let me tell you: I AM SO GLAD I DID!

Within one month of buying the course I finished it. Within a month after that I had my first client. And within 2 months I had an offer for a full-time remote job!

CCA helped me find a fully remote job that I LOVE. It has full benefits, 401k, unlimited time off and a killer salary. I’m able to pay my bills, save and travel whenever I want to.

After CCA, I now have the know-how and confidence to earn a great living, even if I lose a full-time role. The course showed me how to focus on projects I love, find my own clients and run my own business.

Now—on to the reasons Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is the quickest, most affordable way to become a professional copywriter!

copywriter course for remote work

Reason #1: It’s a Copywriting AND Business Building Course

If you want to earn a [great] living as a copywriter, you don’t need to learn just copywriting. You need to learn how to build a business, and that includes finding clients, setting rates and managing work. And guess what? CCA teaches you ALL of that.

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy can turn a complete beginner with no copywriting experience into a self-employed copywriter running their own thriving business! (You can also go the full-time employment route, which is what I did.)

  1. CCA goes over the mindset you need to tackle copywriting and building a business.
  2. Then, you learn copywriting with in-depth lessons that include examples and homework.
  3. Once you’ve got the hang of copywriting, you’ll learn how to build a killer portfolio WITHOUT any clients.
  4. And finally, you’ll learn how to start getting clients and paid work! 🎉 You’ll know exactly how to find clients, how to conduct business, how to price your services and SO much more.

Two years later and I still refer back to CCA for learning and inspiration. I’ve seen many other copywriting courses out there but if you want to learn how to make copywriting your career and earn up to 6 figures writing, this is the course.

earn back cost of filthy rich writer

Reason #2: You Can Earn Back the Cost of the Course Extremely Quickly

The Filthy Rich Writer course tells you exactly how to earn your money back FAST, and it’s right in the welcome module!

I earned my money back within 2 months of finishing the course and 1.5 years later, I’m still earning killer money at the full-time copywriter position I started after the course.

If you’re ready to take the next step, watch this free video training. It’s packing with practical tips and will give you a much better understanding of what it’s like working as a copywriter.


Reason #3: It’s Not a Scam & There’s Absolutely NO CATCH

First thing’s first: this course actually works.

CCA isn’t like other courses because there’s no intentional holes that screw you into buying an add-on that’s key for making sense of the entire course. This course is it. 

Copywriter and course creator Nicki Krawsczyk is a serious business owner, not a scammy internet marketer. She’s helped thousands of people build actual copywriting businesses and change their careers altogether. And you know how she’s done it? By delivering on what she markets about in her course.

You don’t need:

  • Previous writing experience
  • An email list or network of past clients
  • A portfolio (she teaches you how to build your own, step by step!)
  • Or a social media following!

All you need to do to get life-changing results from this course is follow it step-by-step and do every single thing it says. No cutting corners!

filthy rich writer review mindset

Reason #4: You’ll Learn With CCA Even If You’ve Been Burned by Other Courses

If you’ve bought online courses that didn’t deliver on the promises they claimed in the sales page, I see you.

It’s extremely frustrating to invest money in an online course and get your hopes and dreams built up, only to realize the course is NOT going to help you reach them. I would know because I’ve fallen for the expensive courses that have extensive “prerequisites” in order for you to get the promised result (I bought one for over $1k that was easily worth like $100 🤦‍♀️) .

That is absolutely NOT the case with CCA. Filthy Rich Writer’s course restored my faith in the power of online learning.

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Filthy Rich Writer teaches you how to build a copywriting career from the ground up. Like I mentioned previously, there are no prerequisites to make this course work. You just need the desire to write and the commitment to put in the work and follow the course.

If you already have the desire to write, then the next step for you is this free video training on copywriting.

filthy rich writer copywriting course works

Reason #5: If You Do the Work, It Works

This copywriting course will only work for you if you put in the work. It’s a simple, step-by-step process, but it’s not easy. You must be committed to watching the lessons and doing the exercises.

Fortunately, Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is structured in a way that gives you big wins very quickly.

You also have access to the incredible Facebook Community where you can get feedback on your work, ask questions and make friends with other students going through the same lessons as you. I made a friend in the CCA Facebook group that I still catch up with occasionally—she’s also now a full-time, remote copywriter earning more than she ever thought possible for her family!

filthy rich writer reviews faqs

Filthy Rich Writer FAQs

Is Filthy Rich Writer Legit?

Yes! Comprehensive Copywriting Academy by Filthy Rich Writer has helped thousands of people become successful copywriters and build a business from their laptop. All you have to do is follow the program and put in the work. If you want more proof (aside from me!), check out these interviews with past CCA students:

How Long Does the Filthy Rich Writer Course Take?

The course is self paced so you can complete it as quickly as you want. I completed the course in exactly one month. Monday through Friday, I’d spend a few hours per day on lessons and exercises. I tried to get a firm grasp on the information before moving on, which I think is really important for feeling confident in your first few projects.

How Much Does Filthy Rich Writer Cost?

For a program that can give you a life-long career earning over 6 figures, this course is extremely affordable. I wish I knew about it before I invested in 4 years of college because it’s about the price of just a couple textbooks!

Will Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Work for Me If I Have No Writing Experience?

Yes, this course will work for you. Comprehensive Copywriting Academy teaches you copywriting by getting you to practice writing copy. The course shows you how to build your experience without any clients at first. That way, you have a portfolio to get clients!

That being said, you should have a desire to write and a firm grasp on the English language as the course is taught in English.

Do Copywriters Even Earn Good Money?

Copywriters can earn anywhere from $60k, to $90k to over $120k per year! It all depends on how much you want to work, what types of projects you do and what kinds of clients you work with. If you’re already writing online, transitioning your career to copywriting is a game-changer because it’s SO much more in demand than writing blogs and you can charge rates up to $100+/hour for effective copy.

I would not be doing copywriting if it didn’t earn good money. The skills I learned in this course helped me secure a job earning $20k more than my previous full-time role within 2 months of completing the course, and I’m still working there 1.5 years later.

What Does Comprehensive Copywriting Academy Course Cover?

Filthy Rich Writer’s Copywriting Course covers:

  • In-depth copywriting lessons from beginner to advanced for both digital and print
  • Copywriting examples
  • How to write copy for different projects (sales page, emails, product descriptions, etc)
  • Homework to practice and hone your skills
  • Mock copywriting assignments (spec ads) to build your experience
  • Step-by-step portfolio building instructions
  • Tactics for prospecting and building your book of business
  • Pricing calculations and how to communicate your price to clients
  • How to handle projects and write creative briefs
  • Exclusive Facebook Community where other students and CCA staff critique your work
  • Mindset training, so you start strong and go into your copywriting business with confidence
  • Monthly live coaching calls that you can submit questions to (plus access to recordings of ALL previous coaching calls)
  • Plus so much more!

How Is Copywriting Different From Other Kinds of Writing?

Copywriting is writing with the goal of getting the reader to take an action, like giving their email or purchasing a product.

It’s different from content writing (like blogs) because content writing is typically written to inform or inspire. Now, if you had a specific few lines of copy in the blog post that entice readers to give their email, that would be copywriting.

For your purposes, the most important ways copywriting is different from content writing is that it’s way more in demand and much more valuable. And value = $$$.

Who’s CCA for & Who’s It NOT for?

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy is only for you if you want to work as a professional copywriter, whether that’s as a side hustle or main source of income.

If you’re just trying to improve your copywriting skills, say for your current marketing role or you’re writing the copy for your small business, I don’t recommend this course.

Why Does She Call Her Company “Filthy Rich Writer”?

If you’re really curious why the company is called “Filthy Rich Writer” here’s a post that explains it.


copywriting course excitement

Are You Pumped Yet? I’m Pumped for You!

Once I joined CCA and started going through the lessons, I felt so relieved that it was the real deal and so excited about opening my laptop each day.

This course gave me a career that’s fun, constantly challenges me and allows me to earn what I want—all from my laptop! I’m now living my dream of traveling the world and progressing my career, and it’s all thanks to that one little Filthy Rich Writer ad I saw back in 2020.

So if you have any interest in remote work, online writing or building your own copywriting business, watch this free video training right nowHave faith in your ability to create the life you dream of with financial freedom, work you enjoy and location independence—Comprehensive Copywriting Academy will guide you the rest of the way.

FREE GUIDE: 5 Essential Copywriting Tips for Beginners

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